A Pooch’s Tale: Growing Up In A Shelter Without Knowing The Comforts Of A Home

Meet Glenne, the adorable dog with an infectious personality and a boundless supply of energy. Despite her love for running and playing, Glenne has spent the entirety of her life at a shelter, with the exception of a brief but unsuccessful adoption. A unique breed combination of husky and jindo, Glenne is naturally athletic, vigilant, devoted and smart – making her an exceptional companion for the right person. After years of waiting, Glenne has finally found her forever home and is ecstatic to start her new life with her thrilled and eager adoptive mom.

Upon arriving at her new home, Glenne becomes fearful of her surroundings and freezes in uncertainty upon seeing the inside of the front door for the first time. This is a stark contrast to the outgoing and confident pup that once ruled the shelter play yard. Unfortunately, Glenne is scared to walk on the hard floors, causing her to skitter and slide uncontrollably. Fortunately, her new mom is kind and devoted to helping her adjust to her new surroundings.

In a YouTube screenshot, there is a dog named Glenne who is scared but still eats her food. However, after eating, she tries to escape and ends up slipping and sitting on the floor in fear. Even though her new mom is worried, she doesn’t give up on helping Glenne. To help Glenne learn how to walk on the hard flooring, mats were placed down to provide better traction. Unfortunately, Glenne is still scared and refuses to touch the floor with her paws.

Following unsuccessful attempts to help her dog Glenne overcome her fear, the next step for her owner was to take her to a doggy daycare. At the daycare, Glenne’s confident and outgoing personality shone through, even walking confidently on hard floors. However, once back at home, Glenne reverted to being fearful. Despite her owner’s continued attempts to comfort and support her, Glenne’s progress remained stagnant, causing heartbreak for her owner as Glenne was not even comfortable when she slept. Consequently, her owner sought out expert help to address Glenne’s persistent fear.

The expert observed that Glenne perceives her new home as a trap that she needs to escape from. To help her overcome this mindset, they worked on instilling positive memories and helping her conquer her fear. Despite the challenges, Glenne made progress by learning to relax and taking small steps towards mental freedom. Her mother provided unwavering support throughout the process and eventually, Glenne found peace in her new forever home. We hope you found this rescue story enjoyable and feel free to share it with others.

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